Common Issues With The A/C System

  • Low Refrigerant – This is perhaps the most widely recognized issues that a vehicle A/C framework faces. An indication of low refrigerant levels is the vehicle forced air system making commotion and not cooling. Contingent upon the refrigerant level, the A/C may blow cool or even warm air, yet not virus. Confronting such a circumstance during summer is anything but a charming encounter. You need a coolant top-up. Contingent upon your vehicle’s make and model is either R-12 or R-134a.


  • Clogged Or Leaking Condenser – When the A/C doesn’t have sufficient refrigerant flowing through the framework according to the OEM plan, you won’t get any cooled air coming from the vents. Condenser breaks can lessen the adequacy of the A/C. Furthermore, muck develop at the front of the condenser will confine the progression of refrigerant. Subsequently, the vehicle forced air system may make commotion and not work.


  • Damaged Compressor – The A/C condenser is the gadget wherein heat trade happens, permitting the A/C framework to dump heat outside. For the condenser to work proficiently, it ‘is set in the front of the vehicle, which leaves it helpless against harm from getting hit by items, for example, rocks. On the off chance that a thump cracks the condenser and it’s releasing refrigerant, it should be supplanted quickly to nullify further harm to the framework.


Another basic issue that are A/C frameworks face is a Broken Belt.

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